+ Current Issue published on 30 November 2017, Volume 4. Issue 1
Sr.No. Title Author's Name Download
1 A Novel Approach to Substitution “Play Color Cipher” Pritha Johar, Santosh Easo, K K Johar Download
2 Infrastructure as a Service: an Overview and its Impact on Digital Libraries Dr. Ahmad Raza Khan Download
3 Survey of On Demand Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Network B P Patil, Rahul Desai Download
4 Analyzing Proactive Secret Sharing Schemes Sonali Patil, Nikita Rana, Dhara Patel, Prajol Hodge Download
5 Survey on Visually Impaired Assistance System Ms. Kanchan Varpe, Prof. M.P. Wankhade Download
6 Arabicization Of Medical Terms: Field Of Internal Medicine Case Study Hailah Abdulaziz Al Faisal